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What is this site about? is a fully optimized platform that allows you to provide veterinary services to clients across the world. The video above would explain how to go from registration to listing products easily.

What is the channel for this service?

Once a customer books you for an appointment, and chooses the chat option, you can simply log into your store manager, and connect. Once that is done, your client would see that you are online and the consultation session can begin.

who can be a service provider?

Anyone can apply on this platform and start providing veterinary service. They need to provide a proof to our team before we approve them to consult for customers.

Will i be paid for my service?

You have the option of charging customers for your service or providing free service. Once registered, you will be able to set up your services and set your fees.

Frequently asked questions

Every customer is required to fill a pre-consultation form after placing a booking. If they don’t please refer them to the form at the bottom of the site. Instructions on how to send it to you are in the form.

Registration is free. We only charge you a commission for every successful service. You will find more details on this in the service provider agreement. 

Yes, customers are free to request for a phone consultation. In that case, your dedicated account manager with Afrimash will setup a phone call between you and the customer on the chosen appointment day.

We pay you for every successful consultation. We transfer payments into your registered bank account provided during your registration on this platform. Please note that refunds will not be credited to you. 

Service providers can also join our affiliate programme where they are able to get affiliate commission for products recommended to clients. This is an appreciation form Afrimash for referring customers to us. Customers still get to pay the same amount when they shop with us.

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